Joe Biden Predicts Possible Cause for Next “Shooting War”

Joe Biden Predicts Possible Cause for Next

( – In this age of technology, it’s not only our borders the US government needs to protect from invaders, but cyberspace itself. In addition to suspected past and future election hacks sowing distrust in election integrity, cyberattacks on US food, fuel, and water supplies “cause damage in the real world.”

On July 27, President Biden warned that if we end up in a “shooting war with a major power,” it will result from a technological strike that negatively impacts the citizens of the United States. The insidious nature of these attacks keeps them well-hidden for months while malware gathers unknown amounts of sensitive data.

The recent breaches of SolarWinds, the Colonial Pipeline, and the Pentagon caused cybersecurity to jump to the forefront of the Biden administration’s agenda. Officials believe developing a strong infrastructure is the key to keeping nefarious cyber enemies at bay.

The President’s remarks seem to point directly to the number one suspect in these ongoing invasions: Russia’s President Vladimir Putin.

Biden pointed to Russia’s poor economic status as the reason for Putin’s desperation, making him “even more dangerous.” But if Russia’s president doesn’t control the suspected criminals involved in the attacks on the United States, his country may have more to worry about than a weak economy.

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