Joe Biden Leaving US Soil for First Trip of Presidency

Joe Biden Leaving US Soil for First Trip of Presidency

( – Vice President Kamala Harris went on her first overseas trip this week, and now President Joe Biden is departing the US for the first time as well. The commander in chief is headed to Europe for the G7 Summit amid rising global challenges.

Biden left the US on Wednesday, June 9, for the European trip. He landed in the United Kingdom in the evening to prepare for his Thursday meeting with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. The president will also meet with Queen Elizabeth II at Windsor Castle, then travel to Belgium for the NATO Summit. After that event, Biden is going to Geneva for an in-person meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Biden said he wants to show China and Russia that the US has strong alliances with European countries.

The meeting with Putin comes after cyberattacks allegedly carried out by Russian hackers crippled a pipeline and meat processing company. It’s not clear if Biden plans to confront his Russian counterpart on the issue. Certainly, that will be something to monitor.

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