Joe Biden Crisis Getting Even Worse, New Poll Finds

Joe Biden Crisis Getting Even Worse, New Poll Finds

( – When President Joe Biden moved into the White House, his approval rating among the American people averaged at 53%. During the nine months that followed, the polls showed these numbers steadily dropping. In the latest Quinnipiac University poll, his approval sits at a dismal 37%. This means 52% disapprove of his performance.

Not only that, but 52% of those surveyed think the United States is in a worse position than it was just one year ago, with independents swinging the majority.

The poll asked about the most important issues facing America today, and the responses said the economy, COVID-19, and immigration. So, it’s no wonder Biden is struggling in the polls, considering the rate of inflation, supply shortages, and the waning infrastructure package. Ongoing problems at the southern border highlight the administration’s immigration issues.

Although the approval rating drop didn’t start with Afghanistan, it certainly didn’t help with polling from The Trafalgar Group showing a vast majority of Americans disapproving of how Biden handled the withdrawal.

If the current administration can’t rally support on the issues, especially among the women who previously supported the president, then Democratic candidates could fail in the 2022 midterm elections, resulting in another power shift for the US.

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