Joe Biden Cancels Trump’s Successful Citizenship Test

Joe Biden Cancels Trump's Successful Citizenship Test

( – Former President Donald Trump put a lot of work into reforming immigration efficiently without Congress’s help. One of the steps he took to ensure applicants were prepared to become citizens was to change the citizenship test. Now, his successor has destroyed the new exam.

On February 22, the Department of Homeland Security announced it was doing away with the Trump test and reverting to the 2008 version. The Biden administration said the move comes after concerns immigrants won’t have enough time to study for it. The former president changed it from 10 questions to 20 questions from a pool of 128 facts instead of only 100.

Biden’s immigration changes, including letting more people into the country, trying to grant amnesty, and getting rid of Trump’s test, do nothing to make America safer or more prosperous. Instead, his policies seem to focus on making as many immigrants citizens as possible. In 2022, it will be up to Americans to decide whether to let this continue or help the GOP take back congress.

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