Joe Biden Calls Himself Kamala Harris’ Running Mate

Joe Biden Calls Himself Kamala Harris' Running Mate

( – There have been rumors for months that Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) is going to be the real person running the country if Joe Biden wins in November. In September, she even said “a Harris administration” and then followed it with Biden as POTUS. Her slip of the tongue was very telling. That’s why something the former vice president said is getting a lot of attention.

During a campaign stop in Atlanta, Georgia on October 27, Biden called himself “Kamala’s running mate.”

Presumably, he said it because he was in Atlanta, which has a large number of black voters. Rapper Offset was also at the event lending credence to the pandering theory. However, it’s interesting that he chose that way to do it.

Biden has spent the campaign trying to convince people he is his own man who isn’t going to bow to the pressure within his party to move to the far-left. Then, he picked one of the most Liberal senators in office and rumors swirled he was only going to serve one term. It leaves one to ask: who’s really going to be running the country?

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