Jill Biden Agrees with Host That Trump “Can’t Put a Sentence Together”

(LibertySociety.com) – First Lady Jill Biden raised eyebrows on May 26 during an appearance on “The View” when she agreed with a peculiar claim made by host Joy Behar.

When discussing the ages of former President Trump and President Biden, Behar told the First Lady that she was always bothered by people who said Biden was too old to carry out a second term in the White House. She admitted she was the same age as Biden and told the First Lady he appeared fit for the job. She then hurled accusations at Trump, claiming he “can’t put a sentence together.”

The First Lady pointed out that her husband and Trump were close in age as she advocated for the pair to debate. She claimed that such an event would show the American people the differences between Trump and Biden. She then repeated Behar’s description of Trump’s speaking capabilities. Trump campaign spokesperson Karoline Leavitt released a statement following the First Lady’s remarks. She respectfully pointed out that President Biden has trouble with walking and reading from a script. Leavitt said that the First Lady should be prepared for the Biden family’s departure from the White House in 2025.

Biden is the oldest president in United States history at 81 years old, but if re-elected, he will leave his second term as an 86-year-old. Most polls show that voters believe that Biden’s age has affected his ability to lead the country. If Trump wins a second term, he will go in the record books as the oldest president in United States history when he leaves office in 2029 at 82 years old.

The two candidates will go head-to-head during the first presidential debate on June 27 and then again on September 10. Trump has called for more debates, but the Biden campaign has seemingly shut down any additional dates. Most recent polls show a neck-and-neck race just five months ahead of the election.

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