JFK Grandson Stands by Video Critical of RFK Jr.

(LibertySociety.com) – Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has faced an uphill battle since the launch of his 2024 campaign. He hopes to pull enough voters away from President Biden to secure a primary victory, although most media outlets have labeled him a longshot candidate. His stance on the rushed approval of certain vaccines, his belief that the federal government has become an administrative state, and his opposition to unconditional funding to Ukraine has made him a target of the left-leaning media. This type of criticism was to be expected, as Kennedy had faced scrutiny for his opinions for decades. However, he may not have anticipated members of his family to be so vocal about their disappointment in him challenging President Biden.

Back in July, Caroline Kennedy’s son Jack Schlossberg posted a video on Instagram blasting Kennedy’s candidacy. He endorsed President Biden and touted what he believed to be successes since he came into office. He went on to call Kennedy’s campaign “an embarrassment,” encouraging Democrats to reject the distraction of “somebody’s vanity project.” His mother, who serves as President Biden’s ambassador to Australia, recently said she was unaware that her son was planning to post the video but claimed that there were no complications between family members.

During a September 19 appearance on NBC with his mother, Schlossberg stood by his decision to post the video. He and his mother were there to present the Kennedy family’s yearly Profile in Courage Awards, but the topic eventually shifted to Kennedy’s campaign. Schlossberg reiterated his support for President Biden and the progressive policies that have been advanced during his presidency. He said that Kennedy should be supporting President Biden instead of running against him.

Kennedy has attempted and failed to secure Secret Service protection from the Department of Homeland Security for several months, which he believes he is entitled to obtain. On September 15, an armed man who was posing as a U.S. Marshal was arrested after claiming he was an employee of the event that Kennedy was headlining.

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