Jen Psaki Gets in Fight With Fox Reporter on Camera

Jen Psaki Gets in Fight With Fox Reporter on Camera

( – On February 7, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki went back and forth with Fox News reporter Peter Doocy about soaring gas prices and President Joe Biden’s plans to remedy it. The reporter pointed out that gas prices were already rising from supply change problems. He wanted to know why the Biden administration blamed the increase on Russia invading Ukraine. The press secretary still insisted the increase was due to the war in Ukraine.

The two continued to battle over the subjects of energy independence and the importance of tapping into more oil resources to help the American people.

People worldwide are already suffering financially from the effects of the two-year-long pandemic. Doocy was trying to convince Psaki to admit reducing costs at the pump in the short term was more urgent than Biden’s aggressive long-term plan of working toward more sustainable solutions. Psaki took a slight turn to shift the blame for increased gas prices and reduced supply to the oil companies, which she claims aren’t utilizing all the available drilling permits issued by the administration.

It seems Doocy and Psaki talked past each other as she pointed out the long-term solution would be to reduce or eliminate US dependence on foreign oil while ignoring his point that Americans are struggling to pay their bills now.

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