James Clapper Accuses Politico of Misrepresenting Letter Regarding Hunter Laptop

James Clapper Blames Politico for Misrepresenting Letter Over Hunter Laptop

(LibertySociety.com) – James Clapper, former Director of National Intelligence during the Obama administration, is accusing Politico of misrepresenting a letter that he signed along with 50 other former intelligence officials. The letter reportedly claimed that Hunter Biden’s laptop looked like it was something being deployed by the Russians to interfere with the election, warning that it could be disinformation. Clapper told The Washington Post that “Politico deliberately distorted what we said,” claiming that he simply signed the letter as a warning and not a blanket statement of fact.

The New York Post reported that some journalists weren’t convinced by this explanation, questioning why he waited so long to come forward about it. For instance, Glenn Greenwald suggested that Clapper should have said something at the time if the media reported it incorrectly, tweeting that “the CIA/[Intelligence Community] people lying wanted the media to spread this.” Greenwald also noted the lack of retractions by the multitude of media outlets that picked up the Politico story, as well as his disgust of people who act as though there is no importance to the Hunter Biden laptop story.

Clapper reportedly went on television two days after the article was released, repeating and further delving into the claims that were made in the very letter he signed. Fox News reports that Republican lawyer Kash Patel suggested security clearances could be pulled from the people who previously signed the letter. Fox also notes that Biden received an endorsement from Clapper and at least 12 other signatories of the infamous letter claiming Russian disinformation.

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