IRS Seizes Boxes Of Gun Purchase Records From Store

( – A disturbing report has emerged from a small gun shop in Great Falls, Montana, with the owner telling news outlets that he received a visit from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) on June 14. With guns blazing, the agency executed a search warrant to seize financial records from the gun shop but also decided to take multiple boxes of ATF form 4473’s, which contain the personal information of people who purchased guns in his store, including serial numbers from the guns.

The shop owner, Tom Van Hoose, believes he is being targeted by the Biden administration because of the types of firearms he sells, stating that it “seems to be hell-bent” on taking those guns away. Montana’s Attorney General Austin Knudsen spoke with Breitbart News about the search, blasting the agency for taking records that were not included in the search warrant, adding that the Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) “is trying to scoop up as many of these purchase records as possible.” He went on to note that this type of harassment from the Biden administration is becoming commonplace and that the end goal is to attempt to force states to pass red-flag laws so that guns can be seized for any reason.

AG Knudsen pointed to the administration’s attempt to repeal a law that protects gun manufacturers from being sued, which would ultimately lead to more gun control laws. Back in 2022, Congress passed gun control legislation for the first time in almost thirty years, which included a whole host of new measures to restrict gun ownership. In January 2023, the ATF finalized a new rule on stabilizing braces, which were originally designed to help disabled veterans exercise their second amendment rights by being physically able to operate their firearms. It is now illegal to attach the device to a firearm as the rule deems any gun with a stabilizing brace as a short-barreled rifle. House Republicans have already passed a resolution to repeal the rule, but even if the measure clears the Senate with bipartisan support, President Biden has promised a veto.

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