IRS Admits Whistleblowers Have Rights As Whistle Gets Blown On Biden

IRS Whistleblower Speaks Up About Hunter Biden-Related Probe

( – Recent whistleblower allegations about the handling of the investigation into Hunter Biden prompted the left-leaning media and Hunter Biden’s attorney to cry foul, claiming that they did not follow the proper chain of command protocol to qualify as actual whistleblowers. Hunter Biden’s attorney attempted to label the revelations from the House Ways and Means Committee as misinformation, adding that the Republicans were trying to use the testimonies of the whistleblowers to go after President Biden.

However, Daniel Werfel, the IRS Commissioner, dispelled the false accusations in a memo, detailing the various ways that whistleblowers can make their claims. Werfel wrote that “We will always encourage a ‘see something, say something’ philosophy,” even if the whistleblower does not feel comfortable going to their direct authority with concerns. He outlined four different ways that a whistleblower can “raise the issue with an independent authority,” with one of those authorities being a congressional oversight committee that is relevant to the subject of their claims.

The whistleblowers detailed many egregious actions by the Department of Justice (DOJ), which they claim directly interfered in the Hunter Biden investigation. According to the whistleblowers, the DOJ would not permit any type of witness questioning that would tie President Biden to Hunter’s business dealings. Emails between Hunter Biden and his business partners, including Rob Walker, discuss money to be set aside for “the big guy,” which is likely Joe Biden, but investigators were ordered not to ask Walker about that email by a DOJ attorney.

The whistleblowers also claimed that the DOJ stopped U.S. Attorney David Weiss from bringing charges against Hunter Biden in California and Washington D.C. and that Attorney General Merrick Garland denied Special Counsel status when Weiss made the request. They also claim the IRS wanted to bring additional charges, but Garland shut them down. President Biden has repeatedly denied knowledge or involvement in Hunter’s business dealings, but his version of involvement has changed each time more details have emerged.

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