Iranian President DEMANDS American Reporter Follow Sharia Law — Or Else

Iranian President Cancels Interview After Reporter Won't Wear Head Scarf

Iranian President Cancels Interview After Reporter Won’t Wear Head Scarf

( – CNN correspondent Christiane Amanpour was supposed to interview Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi on September 22, but she refused to wear a headscarf during the meeting, so the leader was a no-show. The reporter wore head coverings during previous interviews, but those occurred in other countries requiring such measures. Since the discussion was to take place in the United States, Amanpour “politely declined” the suggestion.

The interview would have included the host inquiring about the ongoing protests in Iran over the untimely death of Mahsa Amini on September 16. The young woman recently died in police custody after her arrest for failing to properly wear a hijab. Some suspect the 22-year-old was beaten and killed by local authorities. Around 35 people have reportedly died in the protests.

Raisi saw the Amanpour head covering suggestion as a “matter of respect.” The leader’s aides explained the discussion was taking place during the holy months of his religion, but the American refused to comply. Amanpour called the request “unprecedented and unexpected,” as the meeting was happening in New York, where women are free from such restrictions.

In Iran, protests continue in 13 or more cities in the region. Although the regime allegedly cut off or limited internet access in the country, reports allege Iranian authorities are killing people in the streets for daring to stand against the regime.

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