Investigator Claims Biden Committed Many Crimes, Impeachment Looms

( – A senior investigator has confirmed that Republicans in the House are gearing up to release a report detailing the transgressions uncovered during the investigation into President Joe Biden’s potential impeachment for corruption.

On Sunday, Republican James Comer of Kentucky, who chairs the House Oversight Committee, said that the criminal referrals against President Biden’s son and brother indicate the beginning of a broader inquiry. In the next round of his investigation into possible impeachment, Comer promised to turn his attention to the president personally.

This information was disclosed during an interview with Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo for “Sunday Morning Futures.”

According to GOP leaders of the Biden impeachment probe, Hunter, the president’s son, and James, his brother, are to face criminal charges. After congressional investigators suggested prosecuting the president’s son, Hunter Biden, and brother, James Biden, for allegedly deceiving Congress, Bartiromo wanted to know if the president might be criminally referred for money laundering.

The impeachment investigation has slowed along in recent months, but the criminal referrals increase the stakes.

Comer made it plain in Sunday’s interview that he will not be stopping his inquiry. He said that Joe Biden was involved in “numerous criminal activities” and that more information about his alleged transgressions will be revealed in a forthcoming report.

According to Comer, if the president’s relatives continue to face criminal referrals, former President Trump, who is seeking reelection, may remove Attorney General Merrick Garland from office and designate someone to investigate the allegations.

The millions of cash earned by Biden family members and their companies have sparked worries about possible influence-peddling operations involving Joe Biden, which date back to his time as vice president.

Comer said that the criminal referrals are the first step in the process. He asserts that the following administration and attorney general will have the chance to address this adequately if the Department of Justice under Merrick Garland does not.

As Comer pointed out, subpoenaing a sitting president is no easy feat. During the impeachment inquiries he faced, he also made the amusing observation that the Democrats would have used it against former President Trump if it had been an easy procedure. The chairman, however, stressed that congressional investigators’ work in conducting interviews and depositions has been quite substantive and would substantially aid in holding persons responsible.

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