Inventor, Glock Namesake Dies at 94

( – A legendary inventor and engineer whose name will likely never fade away has died at the age of 94. Gaston Glock started his company in 1963 but was virtually unheard of until he changed the world with his 1980s semi-automatic service pistol. Before that, he manufactured knives and curtain rods in his garage. He developed the Glock for the Austrian military, but it soon gained popularity because of its 17-round carrying capacity and lighter weight than other pistols. Traditionally, pistols were made of steel, but Glock built the frame of his pistol out of a nylon-based polymer.

Advocates for gun safety sounded the alarm over the Glock for its “safe-action” feature, claiming that it made accidental and reactive shootings more likely. However, the pistol was designed to prevent accidental discharges from occurring. The Glock website discusses the design of the pistol, highlighting the uniqueness of its “trigger, firing pin, and drop safeties” that made it safer than others. By the mid-1980s, consumers in the United States were able to get their hands on a Glock pistol. Today, it is the most widely used pistol by government agencies across the country, with 65 percent choosing a Glock over other pistols. It has also become a household name, with references across various forms of entertainment, from music to books.

Glock merchandise has also become a staple item for law enforcement agencies as the company offers high-quality gear with its logo featured front and center. Holsters, magazine pouches, pistol cases, and apparel are often purchased by law enforcement agencies at a discount.

Glock also has a Blue Label Program, which offers a discount on Glock pistols to military personnel, corrections officers, law enforcement academy cadets, and nationally recognized security companies. Firefighters, EMTs, paramedics, and honorably discharged veterans can receive the discount through an authorized Blue Label dealer.

The company offers several types of Glock pistols for home defense, hunting, recreational use, and personal defense. In a statement honoring his life, the Glock website said that Gaston Glock established the “GLOCK brand as the global leader in the handgun industry,” and that “his life’s work will continue in his spirit.”

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