Injured Uvalde Teacher Slams Delayed Police Response

Injured Uvalde Teacher Slams Delayed Police Response

Shooting Victim Lashes Out At Uvalde Police With Scathing Words

( – In an interview with ABC News anchor Amy Robach, a Robb Elementary School teacher slammed law enforcement for their fumbled response during the May 24 massacre, calling them “cowards.” During his conversation with Robach, Arnulfo Reyes recounted the events that transpired that day, sharing his experience with the world.

Reyes said he’s heartbroken over the senseless losses at the elementary school, vowing to do what he can to prevent such a tragedy from happening again. Reyes suffered several gunshot wounds during the attack and lost 11 students to the mass murderer.

Reyes described the day in a positive light before hearing a bang he couldn’t identify in the distance. While encouraging his students to hide and pretend to be asleep, the teacher spun around to find the murderer standing in the doorway. Then he was shot.

The gunman was in the building for a harrowing 77 minutes before authorities came in to neutralize the rampage. Many, including Reyes, blame the police for their slow response. He also said there were many problems with the safety plan at the school, and it needs to change.

In fact, he pledged to go to any length to make sure his students and colleagues didn’t “die in vain.” The distraught and traumatized teacher said he will never forgive the police for their lack of protection.

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