Images From Hunter Biden’s Laptop Make It To the Web

Photos From Hunter Biden's Laptop Make It To The Web

( – According to recent reports, thousands of photos from Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop have now been released to the public on a website. Although some photos have made their rounds on the internet, some people previously believed that every aspect of the laptop was part of a Russian influence operation.

Fox News reported that Garrett Ziegler, who previously worked for the Trump administration but now runs a nonprofit organization that he founded called Marco Polo USA, has spent over two years combing through the contents of the laptop, removing personal and financial information, as well as blurring inappropriate parts of photos. Ziegler has indicated that his goal is to show the American people the reality, whether good or bad of the Biden family. He told Fox News that some photos did not make the cut on his website because they were unimportant, such as pictures of video games that Hunter played. Ziegler has also strategically released email communications with Hunter and various business partners since coming into possession of the laptop, which match up with recently obtained emails through Freedom of Information Act requests.

Ziegler claimed that he and his team are nonpartisan, stating that the publication of the photos “is not a hit job.” He said he would keep the photos showing both the positives and negatives of the Biden family. While there is a horde of videos on the laptop as well, those are taking longer to redact, with Ziegler’s team using Artificial Intelligence to help due to a large amount of pornography, but they will be available on the website soon. He hopes that media outlets will take time to go through the photographs and write about them, as he believes many are worthy of more attention.

In late April 2023, Hunter Biden’s attorneys sent a letter to the Treasury’s Department of the Inspector General, urging them to open an investigation into Ziegler to check into how he obtained certain Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) from banks where Hunter did business.

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