Illegals Given Healthcare, Phones Upon NYC Arrival

Illegals Given Healthcare, Phones Upon NYC Arrival

Illegals Get LUXURY Treatment Upon Arriving In NYC

( – Thousands of illegal immigrants sent to New York City by Governor Greg Abbott (R-TX) are now receiving free healthcare, phones, food, housing, school supplies, and library cards upon arrival — some on the US taxpayer’s dime. The Big Apple’s hospital system ran an event to offer no-cost services to those arriving in the city with nothing.

Kate Smart, a City Hall spokeswoman, previously stated she thinks it’s important to “welcome asylum-seekers” in a positive way. This event seems to be the city’s way of accomplishing the task, but at what cost?

MetroPlusHealth was on site, giving many people temporary healthcare, while others sought legal services to help with immigration paperwork and identification. The New York Post also reported that the city asked local hotels to give migrants rooms to stay in when they arrive. The libraries participated as well, giving away free books and other learning materials to immigrant children.

The hospital system that ran the charitable service labeled the event as a “resource and family fun day” and billed it as such. The library, city hospital system, Medicaid, and social services all get their funding directly or indirectly from taxpayers in the United States.

Considering many in America can’t afford healthcare, housing, food, and other basic necessities in this inflationary time, do you think it’s fair for those who aren’t legally in the country to receive these things subsidized by taxpayers?

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