Illegal Migrant Encounters Decrease at Southern Border

Illegal Migrants Encounters Decrease at Southern Border

( – Just days after the official end of the Title 42 rule, which required many illegal migrants to be automatically deported, the number of apprehensions by Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is decreasing. According to a recent Breitbart News report, a law enforcement official provided potential factors contributing to the decline.

For instance, the source reportedly noted the CBP One app. This app allows migrants to apply for entry into the country, and it’s being utilized to curb the number of people who are apprehended and processed, as the people who apply through the app are already approved for entry and can either fly into the country or be whisked through a port of entry without having to be detained. However, some news outlets have reported that the app has malfunctioned over the last several days. According to Reuters, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said that the “criminal penalties” for illegal entry into the US is a factor in the decrease.

In addition, Texas Governor Greg Abbott offered support from the state’s Tactical Border Force. A video circulated on Twitter showed those officers utilizing razor wire to prevent illegal migrants from crossing into Brownsville, Texas, a city that sits right on the American side of the border that has been negatively impacted by the policies of the Biden administration. There has also been increased presence of active-duty military at the border, which was ordered by the Pentagon at the request of the Biden administration.

Breitbart also reported that Mexican officials have increased cooperation with the United States, aiding in apprehending illegal migrants in their country by either detaining them or sending them back to their home country. Those who are processed and released into the United States are given tracking devices and a court date.

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