Illegal Kills Mother & Toddler

( – Record numbers of illegal migrants have crossed into the United States since President Biden took office. Some cities and states have become inundated with tens of thousands of illegal migrants, especially so-called “sanctuary cities.” Crime in those areas has increased, with some city officials suspecting organized crime within certain illegal migrant groups. One illegal migrant shot a Brazilian tourist at a clothing store in Times Square in New York City on February 8. He was arrested by the U.S. Marshals a day later. Groups of illegal migrants from Venezuela have repeatedly engaged in retail theft in the Chicago suburb of Oak Brook.

Illegal Venezuelan migrant Brayan Alejandro Gonzalez-Paez, 22, was paroled into the United States last May. On January 13, without a valid driver’s license, he recklessly drove a vehicle at high speed through a residential area in the Upper Marion Township of the sanctuary county of Montgomery in Pennsylvania. He struck a tree after reaching speeds between 70 and 80 miles per hour (mph) in a 35mph zone during heavy rain. Twenty-year-old Anjelica Guadalupe Amaya Briceno and her three-year-old daughter were in the car with Gonzalez-Paez.

Briceno and her daughter were killed in the accident, and Gonzalez-Paez was charged for their deaths. Police indicated that three seat belts were fastened in the Toyota Yaris, but “there was no child car seat found in the vehicle.” Gonzalez-Paez was arrested and indicted on February 6 with two counts of homicide by vehicle, another charge for having an accident that resulted in death while driving without a license, reckless driving, driving without a license, and various other charges. His bail was set at $99,077.

The Biden administration’s migrant parole policies have resulted in the release of 745,000 foreign nationals into the United States in 2023 alone. Illegal migrants have taken advantage of the Customs and Border Protection’s (CBP) app called “CBP One” by simply applying to be paroled into the United States. Other foreign nationals have made it into the interior of the country through Biden’s humanitarian parole program. It allows 35,000 asylum seekers from certain countries to come into the United States every month.

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