Illegal Alien Accused Of Killing Father Of Three

( – The crisis at the southern border has resulted in millions of illegal migrants crossing into the United States. Some go through the ports of entry, while others make it through undetected. Most are released by Customs and Border Protection (CBP) after they are processed.

In recent weeks, media outlets have reported one crime after another committed by illegal migrants. An illegal migrant from Mexico named Jorge Sanchez-Tzanhua, 22, was arrested and convicted for driving drunk in Wisconsin in 2023. He should have faced deportation by Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE), but he was allowed to remain in the country.

On January 30, Sanchez-Tzanhua crashed his vehicle in Rusk County, Wisconsin, while driving drunk. His SUV hit 35-year-old Steven Nasholm’s semi-truck. Nasholm died from the injuries he sustained during the accident. He left behind a wife and three daughters. Sanchez-Tzanhua is being held in the Rusk County Jail, but has an ICE detainer in place. If he is eventually released, ICE will then take him into custody. He has been charged with felony homicide and drunk driving. After his arrest, Sanchez-Tzanhua told investigators that he came to the United States around three years ago and had been in trouble for drunk driving in the past.

Wisconsin Republican Representative Tom Tiffany told Breitbart News that tragedies like Nasholm’s death were because of the Biden administration’s policies at the southern border. He went further, asking “How many more Americans have to die before Democrats secure the border?” Lawmakers in Congress have played the blame game in recent weeks after President Biden suddenly shifted gears and claimed to want to secure the southern border. However, the supposed bipartisan border deal in the Senate fell apart because of the radical nature of some of the provisions, including the allowance of up to 5,000 illegal migrant crossings per day for seven days before any action can be taken.

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