Ilhan Omar Under Fire From the Left

Ilhan Omar Under Fire From the Left

( – On February 16, Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN) upset her own voter base and surprised conservatives when she criticized a journalist for writing about citizen’s harassment following the hacked Freedom Convoy donor list release.

Many on the left criticized the Democrat legislator for daring to question the media and “regurgitating right-wing disinformation.” However, Omar shot back to the Democrats’ attacks by reminding them anyone can and should critique stories and their merits in the media.

Ilhan Omar stated the journalist, Ottawa Citizen editor Alison Mah, was wrong to share a story that had no purpose other than to cause the harassment of innocent people.

The Minnesota lawmaker’s left-leaning critics claimed she didn’t understand the article, insisting the journalist’s story was legitimate. They said the story was about the harassment a shop owner received after Canadian radio personality Dean Bundell shared the GiveSendGo donor list with the world. Omar tweeted she understood the story perfectly and told the journalist to “do better.”

Although it was shocking and rare to see someone from the “squad” align their views with Conservatives, perhaps it indicates Democrats and Republicans could possibly find middle ground on some issues.

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