Hypothetical Trump v Biden 2024 Rematch: What the Polls Say

Hypothetical Trump v Biden 2024 Rematch: What the Polls Say

(LibertySociety.com) – The Wall Street Journal conducted a poll of about 1,500 voters at the beginning of March, and it showed President Joe Biden and former Presiden Donald Trump in a dead tie if they were to compete in 2024 for the Oval Office. The paper previously asked those surveyed the same hypothetical questions in November 2021. The previous tally had Biden ahead of Trump by a slim 1% margin, but now both poll candidates stand at 45%.

Other questions in the poll included who would better handle the inflation crisis and which party would survey participants vote for in the upcoming midterm elections.

Those surveyed ranked inflation and the economy as the most important issues, followed by the war in Ukraine. Currently, 65% believe the economy is headed in the wrong direction, compared to 61% in November 2021. The voters showed more support for the Republican party heading into the midterms, with 46% stating they would vote Republican, up from 44% just four months earlier. Considering the gains regarding the hypothetical question about Trump vs. Biden and Republican support at the polls, it appears the Right may be gaining political ground for the midterm elections in November.

Could an announcement from former President Trump about a run for office in 2024 increase Republicans’ odds of success?

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