Hunter Biden’s Soft Sentence Predicted By Trump

( – Former President Trump has often made accurate predictions about various issues, so much so that “Trump was right” has become commonplace on social media. Activists and news outlets used the phrase in early June regarding the PGA Tour and LIV Golf merger that he correctly anticipated. Now another prediction has come true, as the 45th President accurately foresaw that the Department of Justice would “hit Hunter with something small to make their strike on me look ‘fair,’” adding that the 2024 election will be rigged to benefit the Democratic candidate with help from the DOJ and FBI.

Hunter Biden will be pleading guilty to two misdemeanor tax violations as part of a deal to avoid a felony gun charge and jail time. He will be placed on probation for two years and exonerated of the felony gun charge if he completes his probation without any violations. While Hunter Biden’s attorney, most media outlets, and Democrats have reported that the investigation has concluded, U.S. Attorney David Weiss said in a statement that “The investigation is ongoing,” leading lawmakers to believe that he is not finished with his work or that there is an effort to prevent the Oversight Committee from requesting records from Weiss.

Earlier this month, the House Oversight Committee was allowed access to significant evidence about the Biden family that has thrust its investigation into the spotlight. While members of the committee are appalled at what they believe to be underwhelming charges against Hunter Biden after years of investigation, they are pressing forward to discover more evidence to shed light on the influence-peddling they believe occurred during and after Joe Biden was vice president. Rep. Comer expects that Weiss will be called to testify, and lawmakers are seeking clarity regarding his statement about the status of his investigation into Hunter Biden. Former President Trump has never shied away from his belief that the Biden family is corrupt and has committed many crimes, and Republican lawmakers are committed to proving Trump right once again.

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