Hunter Biden’s Business Associate Reportedly Visited White House

Hunter Biden’s Business Partner Made 16 White House Visits

( – Less than two weeks after a spokesperson released a statement defending Hunter Biden’s business ventures connected to China, the business partner who wired the funds to members of the Biden family has reportedly raised flags regarding at least 16 visits to the White House during the Obama administration, when Joe Biden was vice president.

According to a report from Fox News, Rob Walker, whose wife was also an aide to then-Second Lady Jill Biden, frequented the White House on multiple occasions, with seven of those occasions documented as a tour, raising eyebrows amongst lawmakers who are investigating the transactions between him and members of the Biden family. Other visits appear to be for events that took place at the White House, but two of them did not explain why he was there. Emails between Walker and other business partners who were also affiliated with Hunter Biden consist of discussions about building a list of names of current or former public officials to use to build rapport with potential business partners.

President Joe Biden has previously claimed that he hasn’t ever discussed Hunter’s businesses with his son, but that claim has faced scrutiny from critics after Hunter’s laptop contained information about multiple meetings between Joe Biden and Hunter’s business partners, with knowledge of meetings with at least 14 of them. While Rob Walker has worked in Washington D.C. for decades, including during the Clinton administration, his dealings with Hunter Biden have frequently put his name in the spotlight. Hunter Biden’s spokesperson blasted the House Oversight Committee after they identified the multiple transactions from Walker to members of the Biden family totaling over 3 million dollars, claiming that it was “seed money” for the business venture, defending Hunter’s right to engage in any type of business he wishes. This has not deterred Representative James Comer, Chair of the House Oversight Committee, from continuing his investigation into allegations of influence peddling by the Biden family.

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