Hunter Biden Prepares Guilty Plea To Dodge Felony Charge

( – Hunter Biden will soon plead guilty to two misdemeanor tax violations after U.S. Attorney David Weiss announced charges against the President’s son on June 19, with a deal cut to avoid a felony gun charge so long as Hunter Biden abides by the terms of a two-year probation sentence. The charges stem from Hunter Biden’s failure to pay taxes in 2017 and 2018, although he has reportedly paid back the $100,000 that was due to the IRS. The two tax charges could come with a prison sentence, although media reports indicate that he will likely avoid jail time.

Hunter Biden will be avoiding trial due to the pre-trial agreement, which will certainly tamp down media coverage of the case and soften the blow to President Joe Biden’s re-election campaign. Weiss brought the felony gun charge after evidence showed that Hunter Biden was in possession of a firearm in 2018 although he was aware that he violated the law due to his addiction to drugs. The felony charge will be removed from his record after he completes probation. Hunter Biden’s attorney released a statement shortly after the charges were made public, indicating his belief that the investigation had concluded. However, his statement contradicts the statement that Weiss put out when he announced the charges, leaving many confused about the status of the investigation.

Weiss’ statement simply says “The investigation is ongoing,” prompting Republicans to seek clarity due to the conflicting claims. Most mainstream news outlets have gone along with the statement from Hunter Biden’s attorney, with Democratic lawmakers following suit. Delaware Democratic Senator Chris Coons repeated the belief that the investigation had concluded, stating that others thought he would face more severe charges, “despite the elaborate conspiracy theories spun by many.” House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and members of the Oversight Committee will be contacting Weiss to provide more details about what he is continuing to pursue or if the case is in fact closed.

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