Hunter Biden Legal Woes Keep Getting Worse

( – The drama surrounding Hunter Biden’s legal problems has forced the mainstream media to acknowledge the unprecedented nature of his plea deal after it fell apart in court. The prosecution and the defense pointed fingers at each other in recent court filings. The original deal ultimately unraveled after the judge presiding over the case noticed that the diversion agreement for the felony gun charge included a provision that would give Hunter Biden immunity from prosecution for other crimes. Hunter Biden’s attorneys claimed in their filing that the prosecutors reneged on the terms of the plea deal.

The prosecution pushed back in its filing, noting that the immunity clause in the diversion agreement was not present in the separate plea agreement. Two of David Weiss’ assistant special counsels stated that, “This was a problem entirely of their own making,” blaming Hunter Biden’s attorneys for the mishap. Prosecutors also sought to dismiss the tax case, as they plan to bring the charges in California since Weiss has been named Special Counsel. After the disastrous day in court, the two teams tried to agree on the details of the type of immunity that Hunter Biden would receive. Prosecutors considered proposals by the defense team, but “did not believe they were in the best interests of the United States.” Prosecutors made alternative proposals to the defense team but all of them were rejected.

Chris Clark, who has represented the younger Biden since the inception of the investigation, requested to be removed from the case because he intends to testify as a witness in the future. His new attorney, Abbe Lowell, will be representing Hunter Biden in all future matters. Reportedly, Clark will attempt to convince the judge to enforce the deal by testifying that Weiss entered a legally binding agreement. Sources who spoke with The Wall Street Journal claimed that Weiss always viewed the plea agreement as a draft that was not set in stone but pointed out that one of Weiss’ highest-ranking prosecutors had signed off on it. It appears that Weiss’ lengthy investigation will not be wrapping up any time soon.

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