Hunter Biden Laptop Exposes Another of the President’s Lies

Hunter Biden Laptop Exposes Another of the President's Lies

BOMBSHELL New Evidence Reveals Another Hunter Biden Scandal

( – During the presidential debates in 2020, now-President Joe Biden claimed his son didn’t make money from any dealings with China, a claim NBC News has since reported was untrue. Based on the media’s May analysis of Hunter Biden’s laptop hard drive, he earned millions working with Chinese partners from 2013 to 2018. That means either the president didn’t know about his son’s connections with China and the money he made — or he was lying on the campaign trail.

Sources connected with Republicans in Congress stated lawmakers would seek further documentation about Hunter Biden’s connections with China and if the president is connected to it in any way, if the GOP gains control of the House in November. Although the younger Biden is not and has not served in public office, there could be a national security risk simply from the familial connection to the leader of the free world.

Former FBI Assistant Director for Counterintelligence Frank Figliuzzi said the danger comes from “access and influence.”

According to NBC’s investigation, it seems the connections to China swirl around the president with his son and brother, but they found no connection to the US leader himself. Former US Office of Government Ethics Director Walter Shaub said unless they find a direct connection to the president, the analysis is simply one of a “private citizen.”

Do you think the president lied on the campaign trail about his knowledge of his son’s dealings with China, or do you believe he was simply unaware?

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