Hunter Biden, James Biden, and DOJ Leaders Met With Andrew Cuomo in 2017

Hunter Biden, James Biden, And DOJ Leaders Met With Andrew Cuomo in 2017

( – In early December, Hunter Biden revealed federal authorities were investigating him for tax crimes. Around the same time, reports also revealed Joe Biden’s brother, James, was under investigation as well. Recently, the Gateway Pundit reported on a shocking meeting that’s raising eyebrows.

According to the Pundit, Hunter and James Biden, NY Governor Andrew Cuomo (D), a Chinese billionaire, and former DOJ official met for a “last-minute meeting” in 2017. There is no information about what the group discussed at the sit-down, but it seems odd, doesn’t it.

There’s no telling how long Hunter and James Biden have been under investigation by the feds. Did they have a shady deal with the Chinese billionaire? Were they hoping Governor Andrew Cuomo had pull with authorities? Or were the Bidens trying to undermine President Donald Trump just as his administration was getting underway? We just don’t know. It certainly is suspicious and smells very swampy.

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