Hunter Biden Interview Goes TERRIBLY Wrong – Disappeared Abruptly

Stressful Hunter Biden Interview Does Not Go as Planned

Stressful Hunter Biden Interview Does Not Go as Planned

( – On November 15, Hunter Biden spoke with “The Crypto Roundtable Show” host Mario Nawfal on a Twitter Spaces live broadcast. The conversation centered around Hunter’s art and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). But something went wrong at the end of the program that sent the host into a rant against the president’s son.

Just before Nawfal was getting ready to thank his guest, Hunter Biden abruptly disappeared from the call. Nawfal was dumbfounded by the development, stating how “stressful” it was to have the president’s son on the show because of the many limitations on his conversation, and that’s not typically how he runs the program.

The show host usually welcomes debate and enjoys having a back-and-forth with his guests, but with Hunter Biden, his “hands were tied” before the discussion even started. Nawfal felt slighted by the perceived diss, ranting he would never again agree to an interview with such restrictions.

As the host complained to the others in attendance, they also began experiencing technical difficulties. Many mics were randomly muting, and some were dropped from the call, indicating that the guest’s departure was probably not part of the plan at all. In fact, one of the producers said Biden “didn’t leave” but was glitched off the show. Mike Bonhoeffer, the partner of one of the men on the program, criticized Nawfal, saying he’d never “heard anybody thrown under the bus” in such a manner.

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