Human Remains Discovered at University Campus

Human Remains Discovered at University Campus

( – The University of California Berkeley campus is spread across more than 1,200 acres of land in Alameda County on the shores of the San Francisco Bay. The Clark Kerr Campus is located toward the southeast side of the property and is named after the college’s first chancellor. The buildings were originally used as a school for the deaf and blind. The property in its entirety was acquired by the university in the mid-1980s and is now listed on the national registry as a historic place.

On January 13, Fox KTVU 2 reported human skeletal remains were found in one of the abandoned buildings on the Clark Kerr Campus a few days prior. It was unclear how long the remains had been there, but officials noted the particular structure had not been used for “many years,” according to the outlet. The Alameda County Coroner’s Office will conduct an autopsy to determine the cause of death and, perhaps, identify the person. A man in the area at the time of the discovery revealed the area has “a lot of homeless activity.”

Clark Kerr isn’t completely abandoned, however, as the area has a recreation center, residence halls, conference services, and a theater. Campus officials notified the students and said the investigation into the matter shouldn’t interrupt activities. They also offered resources for those who were feeling upset by the news.

The unexpected find at the university wasn’t the only skeletal discovery found in an unusual place. Several human remains have been found in suitcases over the years, including one in 2016 discovered along a highway in Georgia. Three years after the skeleton was found, police identified the victim as Jessica Ashley Manchini from Pennsylvania, who had been missing since 2014. In May 2022, another set of remains was found after water levels reached historic lows in Lake Mead in Nevada. The skeleton had reportedly been in a barrel in the body of water since the ‘70s or ‘80s. As water levels continued to recede, the skeleton count jumped to five.

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