How to Vet Political Candidates During an Election Year

( – As the 2024 election approaches, candidates will undoubtedly begin making campaign promises that they may or may not keep if elected. Vetting a candidate to see if they deserve your vote is paramount to making an informed decision.

Incumbent candidates are easier to vet since their voting records are public and undeniable. Visiting the United States Congress website will allow you to learn more about what lawmakers’ top priorities are by looking at the pieces of legislation they have filed. In addition, you can view how they voted on the legislation you care about. Most voters have one or a few positions that they base their votes around, so finding a candidate that aligns with those positions is a good place to start. This can be accomplished by visiting candidates’ websites, as they often list their top priorities and promises front and center.

Candidates will likely be trekking across their districts over the next several months, which could give you a chance to listen to what they have to say and see how they respond to questions from attendees. Local party offices and other public facilities will have information about upcoming events. Make a list of questions you would like to ask if given the opportunity. Candidates also hold virtual and telephone town hall events, where listeners can ask questions and vote on survey questions from candidates. Many candidates have campaign office locations across their districts, and they look forward to visits from current or potential constituents. Ask for a one-on-one conversation with the candidate to get answers to your top questions.

Sometimes candidates make claims that may not be true, and it is in everyone’s best interest to hold them accountable. Some websites, like, make it easier for voters to verify statements and claims by publishing and fact-checking them online.

Utilize those types of sources, but always look for bias and make sure the claim is directly addressed. Lastly, find news and information sources that provide reliable and unbiased information about candidates to help determine if they deserve your vote.

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