How the Liberal Endorsement of Violence Got Us Here

How the Liberal Endorsement of Violence Got Us Here

( – The events of January 6 on Capitol Hill were disturbing for many to see. Angry protesters entered the building where Congress is housed. There are now reports that Antifa agitators infiltrated the crowd posing as Trump supporters and drumming up violence.

As the incident unfolded on Capitol Hill, the mainstream media broadcast it on television screens across the nation. Newspapers printed articles with inflammatory headlines. The press immediately began to blame the president for the incident and Conservatives wondered why MSM didn’t show that level of concern when leftists were burning cities down.

Liberal Violence

Violence and unrest is a cornerstone of Liberalism. In the summer of 2020, throngs of BLM and Antifa took to the streets across America, burning buildings and killing people. Police officers were attacked with rocks, bottles, and other projectiles. For more than 100 days, Portland, OR, was under siege. Seattle, WA, saw rioters occupy a six-block radius downtown.

How Democrats Encouraged It

While that was happening, Conservatives were calling on Democratic leaders to get their cities under control. Instead of doing that, the Leftists began talking about defunding the police. Conservatives, including President Donald Trump, were appalled not only by the violence but by the reactions on the other side of the aisle.

Instead of condemning Antifa and BLM, Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) promoted bail funds to help get the alleged criminals out of jail. In August, CNN carried riots live and described them as “mostly peaceful” as a city burned behind their reporter.

Former First Lady Michelle Obama called the riots “overwhelmingly peaceful” in a recent tweet where she attacked President Donald Trump.

Time and again, Liberals were forgiven for violence. Democratic leaders refused to condemn BLM and Antifa. Is it all that surprising they may have taken that violence to the Capitol building?

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