How Big Tech Has Attempted to Silence the Public in 2020

How Big Tech Has Attempted to Silence the Public in 2020

( – The 2020 election was incredibly divisive. Part of the reason for that was how Big Tech handled the flow of information during the presidential race. Conservative voters and leaders were repeatedly censored. Yet, social media companies didn’t stop there.

Censoring the President

President Donald Trump suffered repeated targeting from Twitter, Facebook, and other social media companies. Twitter was by far the biggest culprit. The company added warnings to his messages, prevented Americans from sharing his tweets, and even blocked his words.

The company accused the president of violating its terms of service and spreading misinformation. During the campaign, Facebook and Twitter targeted Trump 65 times while never bothering Joe Biden at all.

Election Information

In the weeks following the presidential election, Conservatives raised questions about irregularities across multiple states. Alleged witnesses of voter fraud during the election took to social media to share information only to have the Big Tech machine censor them.

In November, Texas attorney Kellye SoRelle attempted to share a video of suspicious activity, but tech companies quickly took her video proof offline. On December 9, YouTube released a statement announcing it would begin removing videos alleging fraud during the election. The company claimed it was trying to stop the spread of misleading information.


The coronavirus was another hot topic in 2020 and a target for censorship by social media companies. Over the summer, Americans began sharing a video of a group of physicians discussing the virus and misinformation surrounding it. Big Tech quickly suppressed the video outraging people who just wanted answers.

Incidents like that played out over and over again as citizens began asking questions about the pandemic.

Conservative Groups

Finally, there was a mass purge of QAnon groups on Facebook and Instagram. Together, the platforms removed more than 10,000 groups, pages, and accounts. Big Tech labeled the followers a “conspiracy theory” movement and sought to suppress their speech.

All of the censorship above led Conservatives to join Parler, a free speech platform. But some Conservatives believe it was election interference as well. Now, Republican leaders are looking for ways to stop it from happening again.

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