House Reportedly Blocks Movement to Handle Border Crisis

House Reportedly Blocks Movement to Handle Border Crisis

( – Joe Biden started erasing Donald Trump’s border protections within hours of being sworn into office. He revoked Trump’s emergency declaration at the nation’s southern border and he canceled further construction of the wall his first day in office. Since then, an unprecedented number of migrants have been attempting to flood across the border.

Democrats have not only refused to acknowledge the extent of the border crisis, but they have also taken no effective measures to address the mounting problem. Sadly, they took things a step further on April 20 and blocked consideration of the Border Surge Response and Resilience Act.

The bill aimed to increase security along the border between Mexico and the United States. It also focused on creating a national strategy to reduce human trafficking and prevent the spread of COVID-19 by migrants.

The bill was co-sponsored by Rep. John Katko (R-NY) Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX), but it failed to pass in the House by a vote along party lines by a vote of 206 to 216.

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