House Passes Bill to Compensate Veterans With Cost-of-Living Adjustment

House Passes Bill to Compensate Veterans With Cost-of-Living Adjustment

( – In what appears to be an unanimous, bipartisan effort, Congress passed a bill that would ensure veterans be properly compensated for their ultimate service to the United States.

When U.S. citizens join the armed forces, they put themselves in harm’s way to protect the rights and freedoms of every American. When that service results in an injury and veterans have to live out their lives with a disability, it’s the U.S. government’s turn to take care of them.

Luckily, this belief spanned the aisle between Republicans and Democrats, as evidenced by the passing of the Veterans’ Compensation Cost-of-Living Adjustment Act of 2021 on Monday.

In response to recent inflation and wage increases across the nation, the bill aims to compensate disabled veterans. Over the past six years, these heroes’ cost of living adjustments only averaged less than 1.3%, but the Senior Citizen League predicts this increase could top 6%. Starting December 1, the act should ensure the wounded’s pay goes up to match the increased cost of living.

Representative Mark Takano, D-Ca., stated the raise isn’t just about addressing inflation, but also about addressing the quality of life for “veterans suffering with service-connected disabilities and ailments.”

Many Americans are struggling financially from the effects of the pandemic. The hit can be even more devastating for those on a fixed income.

Fortunately, the parties came together as Americans should; to meet on common ground and remember those that gave their all to this country shouldn’t have to continue to wonder if they can make ends meet.

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