House GOP Release Resolution On Upcoming Biden Impeachment Inquiry

( – Since winning back control of the House of Representatives in November 2022, Republicans in various committees ramped up their investigations into the business dealings of the Biden family. Shortly before his ouster, former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy announced an impeachment inquiry against President Biden, but Democrats and the White House have questioned its legitimacy since no formal vote was taken on the matter. Its so-called informality will no longer be in question in the coming days, with a full House vote expected after an impeachment inquiry resolution is marked up on December 12.

During a press conference on December 5, newly elected House Speaker Mike Johnson said that a vote on the inquiry was necessary to fight court challenges to subpoenas. Johnson also discussed moderate Republicans who represent districts that Biden won in the 2020 election. He said that they “understand it’s not a political decision,” but that it’s their constitutional duty to investigate potential wrongdoing. The announcement of the resolution was prefaced by the 78-page interim report released by the Judiciary, Ways and Means, and Oversight committees. Much of the report covered how the Department of Justice deviated away from standard practice during its five-year investigation into Hunter Biden.

Some Republicans also believe that President Biden should be subject to an impeachment inquiry because he has directly interfered with the investigation into his son. Representative Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, said that the White House blowing off the committees’ report was fuel for holding a vote on the inquiry. White House oversight and investigations spokesperson, Ian Sams, responded to the news of the inquiry with scorn. He claimed that Republicans were pulling a stunt to carry out a smear campaign against President Biden. He also touted Biden’s priorities and accused the Republicans of not focusing on things that the American people care about. However, a Reuters/Ipsos poll in September showed that 71 percent of Republican voters support an impeachment inquiry.

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