House Democrats Backed Out of Border Hearing

House Democrats Backed Out of Second Border Hearing

( – The House Homeland Security Committee planned a hearing on March 15th, 2023, in McAllen, Texas, over the crisis at the border, with full expectations of attendance from Democrat members of the committee. Instead, for the second time this year, Democrats decided not to participate at the last minute. Republicans claim that the Democrats had already booked a witness for the hearing, in addition to their own travel accommodations, according to Fox News. In February 2023, the Democrats backed out of attending a House Judiciary Committee hearing in Yuma, Arizona, claiming a lack of consultation from Republicans, in addition to labeling the trip as a stunt.

Democrats are claiming that Republicans were planning to politicize the McAllen hearing instead of working in a bipartisan manner, stating that they were “traveling to the border to attack the Administration,” in addition to referencing a plan to visit the border sometime within the week. According to Fox News, a spokesperson for the Republicans responded to the claims made by the Democrats, accusing them of being the ones to politicize the matter, stating that the move “screams partisan games.” They added that they wouldn’t have already booked their travel and called their witness if they didn’t intend on going.

The hearing was set to discuss the policies of the Department of Homeland Security and how they are exacerbating the invasion of the southern border. Several lawsuits have been filed against the Biden administration for policies that have been implemented. A federal judge in Florida recently ordered a halt to one of those policies, and several more are working their way through the courts. Around 4 million illegal entries into the United States have been documented since President Biden took office, Fox News reports, with a record amount still expected to cross this year.

Republicans are determined to force meaningful action at the border to curb the flow of illegal migrants and the deadly drug fentanyl.

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