Host on “The View” Will Mask Up Indefinitely

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( – It’s expected that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) will soon update its masking guidelines. However, “The View” host Joy Behar stated she plans to continue masking up in crowds “indefinitely” no matter what the agency decides.

The daytime talk show figure said she’s listening to her intuition and doesn’t believe it’s safe to go unmasked yet. Plus, Behar stated she doesn’t want a cold or the flu either, and continuing to mask in crowded places could help her avoid those sicknesses.

The host said the CDC keeps changing the guidelines, so she feels the need to use her judgment and do what she thinks is best for her and her health at this time. Co-host Sunny Hostin seemed to agree with the sentiment but added she’s more concerned about the children and elderly.

If the mandate is lifted, it will be a welcome move for millions of Americans who feel they’ve been misled about the safety and efficacy of the masks for the past two-plus years. They’re ready to start making their own decisions about their safety without having to answer to draconian measures.

Regardless of what the CDC announces in the coming weeks, will you continue to mask up? Do you think should people listen to the everchanging CDC guidelines or make their own decisons moving forward?

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