Host Fears Trump Will Send Her to “Massive Camp”

( – With the US presidential election just around the corner this fall, pundits everywhere are getting a bit uptight.

The MSNBC talking head Rachel Maddow, however, may be in a league of her own. She has somehow convinced herself that a Trump win may lead to her internment in a prison camp.

In an interview with CNN, she came out of the gate swinging, saying that she was concerned for the entire country if somehow a person who has openly avowed that he plans to build camps to hold millions of people could rise to the Oval Office. She qualified her statement by saying she was “not joking.” 

On her Monday show, Maddow expressed worry that former president Donald Trump, should he win again, might try to round her up and put her in an internment camp.

The United States last utilized internment camps to hold Japanese Americans during WWII. That president was Harry S. Truman, a Democrat.

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez recently told podcast host Kara Swisher that she wouldn’t be surprised if Trump jailed her.

According to some reports, Trump may be planning to build detention camps and conduct major roundups of illegal aliens as part of his crackdown on illegal immigration.

This is probably what Maddow and Cortez were referring to.

Time magazine asked the former president last month if he would establish migrant detention camps. He responded that he “wouldn’t rule anything out,” but he clarified that there wouldn’t be that much need for them because the migrants would be deported.

There are no reports of Maddow and Cortez thinking they may be deported.

On Monday, Maddow predicted that Trump would use military force to apprehend migrants without proper documentation.

Throughout Trump’s re-election campaign, Maddow has been a vocal opponent of the president. Since it was considered “irresponsible to broadcast,” she informed MSNBC Super Tuesday viewers in March that they would not get to hear the entirety of former President Trump’s victory address.

In January, after the Republican caucuses in Iowa, her network stopped airing Trump’s victory speech, which was already in progress. Maddow warned that there may be “a cost” if her viewers were exposed to it live.

Maddow went on to say that Trump will declare martial law immediately after taking office.

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