Hero High School Principal Dies

(LibertySociety.com) – A heroic act of selflessness by Perry County High School Principal Dan Marburger ended in tragedy 10 days after a 17-year-old student opened fire in the school’s cafeteria. Marburger sustained critical injuries when he reportedly attempted to reason with and distract the shooter, Dylan Butler, while students exited the cafeteria. His wife announced his death on January 14, writing in a GoFundMe post that he “lost his battle” but had put up a good fight. His family made another post on the page, writing that the $170,000 in donations received would be used to help “live out Dan’s legacy.”

The shooting occurred before classes began on the first day back from winter break. Police arrived just seven minutes after they received a call at 7:37 a.m. reporting an active shooter. Butler killed an 11-year-old and injured six others, then turned the gun on himself. Investigators found a pump-action shotgun and a handgun at the scene of the shooting. Authorities also searched the school after the incident and discovered an explosive device. Butler’s social media has since been scrubbed, but he reportedly posted on TikTok several times before and during the shooting. He also posted pictures of himself with the firearms used during the shooting.

Marburger had been employed by the school district since 1995. Following the news of his death, the district released a statement expressing the heartbreak and loss felt by staff members. The school rescheduled a board meeting that was set to occur that day to discuss the school’s reopening plans. The meeting was held on January 15, and officials were met with pushback from parents who believed the school should not be reopened until preventative measures were taken to protect students. One parent argued that the school should only have one point of entry, which has been a struggle for many large and older schools. Others suggested the school offer virtual learning until new safety measures were implemented. Clear backpacks and no backpacks were also recommended.

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