Hawley Targets Mayorkas Over Child Labor Reports

Senator Hawley Blasts Secretary Mayorkas for Child Labor

(LibertySociety.com) – During a tense Senate Homeland Security Committee hearing, Senator Josh Hawley blasted Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas for the reports of children being exploited by labor traffickers, indebted to the smugglers who helped them get to the United States. Senator Hawley described the stories of many teens who are allegedly being exploited, as reported by a month-long investigation by the New York Times. The NYT also reported that over 85,000 children who were smuggled into the country were unable to be found, with Senator Hawley labeling it “modern-day slavery.”

Senator Hawley asked Secretary Mayorkas why the Title 42 rules for unaccompanied children were modified in 2021 to allow them to come into the United States instead of being sent back to their home country as they were during the Trump administration. He also alleged the vetting process for sponsors of these children was circumvented to push children out of border patrol custody as quickly as possible.

Senator Hawley then asked the secretary why he shouldn’t be impeached. Secretary Mayorkas claimed that Senator Hawley was misstating the facts, asking him to sit down and have a conversation about it, and stating that DHS enforces the law. He then told Senator Hawley that he was stunned that he claimed the prior administration sent the children back to their home countries, but the senator interrupted.

Senator Hawley expressed his dissatisfaction with Mayorkas’ job performance, stating that he believes he should have turned in his resignation long ago, while also adding that he couldn’t “change course,” he needed to be taken out of office. During the same hearing, Senator Roger Marshall, R-Kansas, informed Secretary Mayorkas of a resolution of no confidence that he later introduced against him with plans to force a full Senate vote on the matter.

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