Haley Says Both Parties are Overspending

(LibertySociety.com) – Former South Carolina Governor and 2024 presidential candidate Nikki Haley appears to have no problem with criticizing her own party for its bad spending habits. During a CBS Face the Nation interview, Haley blasted both Democrats and Republicans for the out-of-control spending that has gone on for the last several years.

Her comments came just ahead of Congress returning to Washington D.C. to negotiate a continuing budget resolution to prevent a government shutdown. Haley saved most of her criticism for President Biden, stating that he “has pushed us into socialism light.” She said that the president and lawmakers have forgotten why the government exists.

Haley shared the interview on X, formerly known as Twitter, touting her experience with balancing the budget during her two terms as South Carolina’s governor. She wrote that “Both parties are addicted to spending,” and suggested that the White House should employ an accountant. Since the inception of her campaign, Haley has called for a younger generation to emerge to secure a fruitful future for America’s children. She also suggested that elderly lawmakers should have to undergo a competency test to continue serving in office, clearly taking a jab at President Biden with a reference to the incorrect number of grandchildren he has claimed to have on several occasions.

While Haley is outspoken about congressional spending, she also supports continuing to fund the war in Ukraine. Millions of Republican voters and some lawmakers have recently expressed doubts about continuing to send billions of dollars to the country. The House Freedom Caucus has announced that they will not vote for a continuing resolution if it contains funding for Ukraine, which will likely lead to intense debate throughout September. President Biden has requested an additional $40 billion in funding to be sent to the war-torn country as part of the continuing resolution. As for Haley, voters who watched the debate appeared to like what she had to say, with her campaign reporting a record number of donations in the first 24 hours following the debate.

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