Haley Believes Trump is Too Friendly with North Korea

(LibertySociety.com) – The media and members of both political parties were hellbent on preventing Donald Trump from winning the presidency in 2016, often arguing that the United States would start World War III. When then-President Trump took office, he was outspoken about maintaining world peace and warning the dictators of the world to stay in line. Trump threw insults at North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong Un on Twitter, horrifying lawmakers and the media. Then, in 2019, he made a trip to North Korea and met with Kim Jong Un. In a historical move, he became the first sitting United States President to step foot in North Korea.

Trump often boasted about his warm relationship with Kim Jong Un, which was criticized by the left-leaning media and the Democrats. Former South Carolina Governor and presidential candidate Nikki Haley recently attempted to downplay Trump’s strategy with Kim Jong Un and others. In a statement released about the news of an upcoming meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un, Haley warned of the dangers of such a collaboration. She seemed to insinuate that Trump did not deal with North Korea from a position of strength, stating that “neither President Biden’s weakness nor Donald Trump’s friendliness to Kim have changed North Korea’s direction for the better.” She argued that dictators will only respect countries of the world if they project strength.

Notably, Trump’s entire foreign policy was developed around maintaining peace through strength, and North Korea’s weapons testing was at all-time lows during his administration. Steven Cheung, a spokesperson for the former President, swiftly responded to Haley’s comments. He touted the fact that there were no new wars during his administration because “everyone respected the power and leadership of America.” He further elaborated, offering criticism of President Biden and others who are supportive of a more drastic and deadly approach to dealing with adversaries. Although he did not name Haley specifically, she has been accused of being a war hawk.

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