Hackers Leak More Provocative Information Related to Hunter Biden

Hackers Leak More Provocative Information Related to Hunter Biden

Biden Family LEAK — New Details Come Out!

(LibertySociety.com) – Hackers from 4chan appear to have new Hunter Biden videos and texts that show him in some pretty sketchy situations, but mainstream media is largely ignoring the explosive findings. On July 9, the group posted some of the information on Twitter, which included alleged videos of the president’s son purchasing and using drugs and engaging with prostitutes. Some are saying this discovery is just more proof that the younger Biden is a “national security threat” to the US.

Not only does OANN state that other media sources are not covering these developments, but social media outlets are removing the proof from their platforms.

Hackers reportedly have accessed data and images from Biden’s own iCloud account, bringing an element of confirmation to the leak. Although some Twitter users allege the information is not authentic.

Republicans have been calling for an investigation into his business dealings overseas, as Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) demanded US Attorney General Merrick Garland look into the matter. However, Democrats have mainly pushed investigations into Hunter’s laptop and antics to the side.

Do you think the newly-released information will prompt members of the government into action to determine if he poses a risk to the country?

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