Gun Control Bill Officially Signed Into Law by Biden

Gun Control Bill Officially Signed Into Law by Biden

Biden Just Passed The Biggest Gun Control Measure Of The Century

( – On June 25, President Joe Biden signed the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act into law in the wake of the mass shootings in Uvalde, Texas, and Buffalo, New York. Congress has been at a standstill for decades with regard to addressing guns in America, but the most recent violence pushed the legislative body into action.

Although no one believes the new laws will end gun violence, Biden said he hopes it will “save a lot” of innocent lives. Washington DC Attorney General Karl Racine added to the sentiment, stating the move was necessary and “long overdue.”

The legislation didn’t go as far as the president wanted it to go toward gun reform, but it was the best compromise Congress could agree on at this time. It includes additional scrutiny for 18- to 21-year-olds who want to buy firearms, restrictions for convicted domestic violence offenders, increased penalties for illegal gun sales, red flag law incentives for states, mental health resources, and money for school safety.

Biden said the country demanded the federal government do something to address the gun violence problem in America, and so they did. Fifteen Republicans in the Senate joined the Democrats to pass the bill to the House, where it also passed with bipartisan support.

Some, like the NRA, think the reform infringes on Second Amendment rights.

Do you think passing the bipartisan act was the right move toward a safer nation?

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