Gubernatorial Candidate Stacey Abrams Unveils Solution To BIGGEST Concern Affecting Voters

Stacey Abrams Proposes Unorthodox Solution to Inflation

Stacey Abrams Proposes Unorthodox Solution to Inflation

( – On October 19, Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams (D) appeared on “Morning Joe” to talk about the issues facing Georgia heading into the midterm elections. While admitting abortion is an issue to voters, the host asked what she planned to do as governor to alleviate financial burdens like the cost of gas and food. Abrams responded that the issues were intertwined, and it was impossible to separate the two for women, as having a baby and raising a child is expensive. She said the reason most people worry about rising prices is that they have children.

Abrams’ Point of View

The Democratic candidate did not offer any specific solutions to the economic problems facing Georgians every day but said the leader of the state could address the costs of many things for “hard working” residents instead of cutting taxes for the state’s elite. Abrams went on to say people of “childbearing age” know having a child is a financial issue. Those who are forced to carry unwanted pregnancies are aware of the economic burden that comes along with the eventual birth. The candidate believes women have the right to choose whether or not they have an abortion.

On Abrams’ campaign website, she talks about how she plans to help the economy in Georgia by incorporating tax credits, closing the skills gap, and ensuring workers get paid properly. During the interview, she made it clear both issues are inseparable. While abortion won’t solve the economic struggles for people in Georgia, allowing women to choose not to carry a pregnancy would help lessen their personal financial burdens.

Issues Important to Voters

A Times/Siena poll from October 17 listed the economy as voters’ number one concern heading into the November elections, followed by inflation. Only 5% of likely voters surveyed found abortion to be an important issue. The questionnaire did not target Georgia voters specifically but polled nearly 800 people nationwide.

Polls averaged on RealClearPolitics put Kemp ahead of Abrams in the race for governor by 5.6%. Quinnipiac University puts the incumbent only a single point ahead of his competitor, whereas Trafalgar Group places him nine points up.

The two candidates participated in a debate on October 17 with just weeks to go before voters cast their ballots. They each discussed crime, the pandemic, and education in the Peach state. Political science Professor Scott Ainsworth said neither candidate messed up during the debate to the point of changing anyone’s mind about who to put into the governor’s mansion.

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