Governor Orders Law Enforcement to Track Illegal Immigrant Crime

( – Republican Louisiana Governor Jeff Landry is determined to quantify the financial burden illegal migration is placing on citizens of the state. His January 16 executive order directs every agency in the executive branch to report how illegal immigration is affecting their services. It also requires the agencies to collect data to figure out how much money they are spending to support illegal aliens. Law enforcement agencies will be required to publish a monthly report of data collected from arrests and convictions of illegal aliens. Landry’s order also directs law enforcement to collect additional data, including where the illegal migrants hold citizenship, their nationality, and their immigration status. Criminal history, gang involvement, and whether they came into the country legally or illegally will also be reported.

Landry said that Louisianans are footing the bill for illegal migration and that his order will determine the cost that citizens “are being forced to carry because of those who do not follow the law.” He added that legal migrants coming to Louisiana is never a problem, but that taxpayers can no longer bear the burden “for individuals who break the law and skip the line.” Landry’s executive order blasts the Biden administration for releasing countless illegal migrants into the country and adopting policies that subvert the law and promote illegal migration.

As of late, the crisis at the border has become a bipartisan concern. Mayors, governors, and congressional lawmakers have sounded the alarm over the financial and economic effects illegal migration is causing across the country. The mayors of New York City and Chicago have repeatedly asked the federal government to provide financial assistance for shelter and social services for the record number of illegal migrants continuously arriving in the cities. The Biden administration’s go-to defense is to criticize the country’s immigration system, repeatedly calling for congressional reform.

Republican lawmakers have demanded funding for increased border security and the reinstatement of policies to discourage illegal migration. The Biden administration has asked Congress to pass a supplemental that includes funding for states and communities to deal with the crisis.

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