Governor Gavin Newsom To Boost Democrats in Red States

Governor Gavin Newsom To Boost Democrats in Red States

( – Governor Gavin Newsom is continuing his nationwide mission to target red states. There has been some speculation about the possibility of a presidential run. However, he has already stated that he will not be running against President Biden in 2024. On March 30th, 2023, he announced a $10 million contribution to a newly formed Political Action Committee (PAC) called the Campaign for Democracy. He plans to target the reddest states in the country, beginning with Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Florida, with upcoming visits to each state. 

Governor Newsom has been critical of newly-elected Republican Arkansas Governor Sarah Sanders, blaming her for crime in Arkansas just one month after she took office. This criticism prompted a Democrat Arkansas state representative to defend her from Newsom’s attack, publicly disputing his claims on Twitter. Governor Sanders’ spokesperson ripped Governor Newsom for failing to address issues in his own state, stating, “Governor Sanders is living rent-free in his head.”

Governor Newsom’s spokesperson acknowledges that he will be spending time in states where Democrats are guaranteed to lose. He defended the decision, stating that the plan is to help the activists in red states who are fighting for Democrat causes, adding that a renewed message is the goal. Governor Newsom posted a video on Twitter to announce the new PAC, claiming that Republicans are “directly attacking our freedoms,” citing authoritarianism. He will be voicing his opposition to school choice, especially the new bill Governor Sanders recently signed into law, championing Medicaid expansion, and criticizing Republicans for allegedly banning books that he believes children should have access to. 

The new PAC was funded by Governor Newsom’s 2022 reelection campaign money, which had money left over that the governor feels could be put to good use. Governor Newsom will be in office until 2026.

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