Government About to Crack Down on Elon Musk

Government About to Crack Down on Elon Musk

( – On February 15, an official with the Korea Fair Trade Commission (KFTC) announced South Korea’s antitrust regulator opened an investigation against Tesla for battery exaggeration claims. Reportedly, the KFTC contacted Elon Musk’s electric vehicle company, stating some of the Teslas did not travel as far as advertised.

The South Korean organization claimed some of Tesla’s car models, specifically the Model 3, lost range in cold weather. Since the vehicle company didn’t include the alleged fact in its advertising, the KFTC said Tesla violated the Fair Labeling and Advertising Act.

On the Tesla website, the company states the Model 3 travels 328 miles without a recharge, but the KFTC said the range decreases when temperatures fall below freezing. Although a lower performance seems to be common in electric vehicles under such conditions, South Korea insists the company must advertise that fact.

In addition to the advertising issue, Elon Musk might also have to answer to the KFTC for neglecting to refund customers who canceled their online car purchases. The organization claims Tesla did not return deposits to customers, and it’s considering imposing penalties against them.

Tesla hadn’t commented about the investigation by the time of publication.

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