Gov. Abbott Announces Building Of New Military Base

( – Since President Biden took office and the southern border crisis began, Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott has stepped up to the plate to protect the state’s borders. From Operation Lone Star to building its own border wall, Texas has taken several measures to counter the unfettered illegal migration exacerbated by the policies of the Biden administration. Members of the Texas National Guard have been stationed at the southern border since shortly after the crisis began, with many traveling long distances to come to work each day. On February 16, Abbott held a press conference and announced that the state would build a military base on the border “to increase and improve border security operations in the area.”

Abbott said that the base would be fully equipped with a chaplaincy, as well as facilities for soldiers to participate in recreational activities, and receive medical and psychological treatment. The base will have the capacity to comfortably accommodate 1,800 soldiers but could house up to 500 more. Abbott described how soldiers were currently living in tight quarters, but also spread out around the region. He emphasized that it would not be possible for the state to deal with the border crisis without the soldiers, stating that “it is essential to build this base camp for them.”

In addition to the new base, Abbott announced the expansion of the state’s current operations to cover the northern and southern portions of Eagle Pass. More barriers will be put in place and additional equipment will be utilized to further decrease illegal migration into Texas. Mike Banks, who serves as the state’s border czar, praised the soldiers and the Texas Department of Public Safety for making a quantifiable difference in the number of illegal crossings. He commended Abbott for taking on what should be the federal government’s responsibility. Breitbart News recently published a report that detailed all the ways that the Biden administration has enabled record numbers of illegal entries into the United States.

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